Supporting Families in the Gift of Mother’s Milk in Boise, Idaho

Welcome to Boise’s only out-of-hospital lactation clinic offering both home visits and office visits. We are a private lactation practice that focuses on individualized assistance and loving support.  Here you will find breastfeeding support and key breastfeeding supplies, all under one roof!

Breastfeeding is a learned skill with proven benefits to mother and baby. The mission of Mother’s Milk & More is to promote and protect breastfeeding as the core contributor to the emotional and physical health of our community.  Our certified professionals are committed to serving families during this formative stage of development, so that they may enjoy a satisfying and successful breastfeeding experience.

We offer breastfeeding assistance and support through prenatal & postpartum consultations, home visits and classes. Through Mother’s Milk & More in Boise, you will find assistance with problems such as latching difficulty, increasing your milk supply, tongue & lip ties, and diagnosis & treatment for plugged ducts, mastitis or yeast. See our Services page for a full list

Gift Certificates & Wish List Registry are also available.

Call us at 208.484.1899

 "I can't thank you enough for the support you provided Faith and me.
Your role is so significant and it is very evident how gifted you are in what you do.
You have such a therapeutic and comforting spirit. Thank you Erin!"

Offers a nurturing and supportive environment for mothers, families and growing babies…

We also have a retail area where you’ll find breastfeeding related products, such as:

We also carry:

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